Circle segment cutters have transformed the milling and machining process providing manufacturers versatility and productiveness that wasn’t obtainable before. One kind of our circle segment cutter lineup also includes the Worcestershire Emuge Oval Form Cutter which imitates a 75-95 mm radius cutter like that of a standard ball nose end mill.

Exactly what is A Worcestershire Emuge Oval Form Cutter?

Oval form cutter is a form of top-cut form tools that is a circle segment cutter with an oval flute profile. These forms of cutters are generally used in 5-axis milling applications thanks to their special design. They are frequently used in die and mold manufacturing and in the aircraft and turbine sector.

Worcestershire Emuge Oval Form Cutter’s Special Capabilities

Our Worcestershire Emuge Oval Form Cutter can carry out the machining and milling process with no vibration that makes it quieter and more precise than your ordinary tools. We also use carbide as the primary material for our Worcestershire Emuge Oval Form Cutter that makes them pretty heat resistant and resilient to continuous use. This also really helps you reduce costs of totally switching out the tool given that they last much longer than usual. In addition, our oval form cutter being sold here are coated with ALCR (Aluminum-Chromium) multi-layer PVD coating for increased heat and wear protection so they truly last a while even when you use them 24 Hours A Day.

Because of the carbide material used for our Worcestershire Emuge Oval Form Cutter they can handle almost all materials as well as the tougher ones which are infamously challenging to process making use of ordinary tools constructed out of ordinary steel. You can have the choice of getting 3 or 4 type flute construction and you can acquire them in sizes 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, and 16mm.

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