Cutting tools were one of the first inventions of mankind including the wheel and fire, but a lot has changed since then. Nowadays industrial manufacturing companies use high end steel cutting tools to shape various products including molds, parts, electrical components, and many more. In addition, the new discovery and creation of materials such as carbide, has further developed the efficiency of these metal cutting tools. We offer a wide range of these tools for your manufacturing and machining here at Scotland metal cutting tools.

Choose Your Material of Choice – Scotland Metal Cutting Tools

As mentioned earlier, the use of high speed steel (HSS) and carbide materials has revolutionized the machining process. HSS typically contains a large dose of tungsten and at the same time chromium, vanadium, and carbon. Because of this combination, HSS is able to withstand cutting forces while still remain at an affordable price compared to carbide cutting tools which still makes it one of the most popular types of metal cutting tools used by manufacturing industries around the world.

Carbide on the other hand has become the go-to material used on metal cutting tools because of its unique features that enables it to withstand intense heat and cutting speed range is much higher compared to HSS. Thus, carbide has almost completely taken over HSS when it comes to the material being used in metal cutting tools.

Types of Metal Cutting Tools – Scotland Metal Cutting Tools

With the advent of new technology and discoveries, mankind has long disposed of simple or basic cutting tools when it comes to large scale manufacturing. The most common ones include milling cutters, reamers, broaches, drill bits, circular saws, dies, taps, chasers, and many more. Each one of these metal cutting tools has specific functions in the machining process but some of them are very flexible in what they are able to do. If you want to know more about cutting tools for your business you can visit us at Scotland metal cutting tools and you can read more articles and even get free tool assessment to help you along the way.

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