Aluminum molds are becoming more and more popular in the industry nowadays because of its great features like great machinabiity, good thermal and electrical conductivity, lightweight and a higher strength-weight ratio than other metals. But because of the unique characteristics of aluminum being soft and “sticky”, it requires special tools to do a proper job of machining. This is where Scotland end mills aluminum can help you achieve efficient processing of this material for your factory.

Wide Variety of End Mills – Scotland End Mills for Aluminum

There are various factors that need to be addressed in order for efficient machining of aluminum. As stated earlier, the soft and “sticky” attributes of aluminum makes it hard for regular end mills or any steel cutting tools. Scotland end mills for aluminum gives your factories the capability to do such efficient machining of aluminum molds and materials at a relatively lower cost compared to steel cutting tools because of how durable and precise our machining tools are. There are a wide variety of end mills for aluminum that your factory can utilize including sharp edge and high rake angles, high helix angles, two- or three-flute, and many more.

Other Key Factors – Scotland End Mills for Aluminum

Tool coating is also an important factor when machining aluminum in order to reduce friction coefficient and better surface finish. Another factor is utilizing the right coolant to ensure that the machining tools are kept cool, but our carbide cutting tools have high resistance against intense heat thanks to the unique attributes of carbide or tungsten carbide that we use on our cutting tools.

Of course, having the right machine and knowing the right parameters and setting is also vital when machining aluminum. We can help you with all of these factors and many more by visiting us at Scotland end mills for aluminum for a free tool assessment.

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