Barrel cutters have been used in the machining and milling sector for around Twenty Years now but have been held down by technological constraints like the lack of CAM software that support these sort of tools. Fortunately, there have been recent technological advancements in CAM software like the hyperMILL ® and Mastercam ® that solve this issue when using barrel cutters. And because of this, much more manufacturers have opted to utilize Oxfordshire Emuge Barrel-Shape Cutter.

What is Oxfordshire Emuge Barrel-Shape Cutter?

So what are barrel cutters exactly? Basically, they are solid carbide end mill with a distinct ground cutting edge that lets you to have the same functionality of a large ball end mill but with more precise control thanks to its smaller size in comparison.

Pros and Cons of Oxfordshire Emuge Barrel-Shape Cutter

This sounds too good to be true right? Well in a sense yes, because traditional ball cutter can cost a lot more to create as opposed to a typical ball end or bullnose cutter.

But the awesome tradeoff is that it takes a substantially less amount of time to process the material and because of its relatively small size, it has much better tool life or longevity thus you are able to offset the initial cost of barrel shape cutter.

So why is it helpful for a manufacturer to have a large radius on the cutting surface using Oxfordshire Emuge Barrel-Shape Cutter? With this unique feature, the barrel cutter is that it allows for a large stepover distance to the next pass while simultaneously offering you a more desirable finish when processing materials. On top of that, the smaller distance travelled by the tool means that it lasts noticeably longer due to having bigger steps as stated above.

As you can tell, there are many advantages when using a barrel cutter for any manufacturer. But the fact that it significantly minimizes machining time and increasing tool life means you’ll be able to save a lot of money than actually using usual ball end or bullnose end mill cutters.

If you wish to know more about barrel cutters, you can contact us at Oxfordshire Emuge Barrel-Shape Cutter for more details and information on this unique tool and many more.

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