Solid cutting tools have come a long way since the days of using simple sharp metal tools such as saws, scissors, wire cutters, and so on. Modern factories or manufacturing businesses nowadays use state of the art cutting tools that make use of tungsten carbide and it has never been more efficient and cost-effective. This is why Kent Solid Cutting Tools offers various solid cutting tools for every industry that needs them.

Industries That Use Solid Cutting Tools – Kent Solid Cutting Tools

The automotive industry is always in constant change because there are new technologies being discovered and tested. While car manufacturing companies strive to mass-produce vehicles to meet demands this also means a lot of tools and equipment to produce different parts of the vehicle, parts such as gears, transmission shafts, custom screws and fixings, and so on. Using solid cutting tools like drill bits or blade tips would not only mean more productivity but also less expenditures in terms of replacing the more expensive parts of your machinery.

Tungsten carbide also has found a use in military applications, namely ammunition. It is commonly used to make armor-piercing ammunition because of its physical properties. The use of tungsten carbide warfare even goes back to World War II with the German Luftwaffe Tank-hunter squadrons using W2C projectiles. Another mixture of tungsten carbide is also being used by the U.S. Army’s M1A1 Abrams tanks as well. They have even been used for nuclear testing because of their effectiveness as a neutron reflector.

These carbide tools also found a home in the mining industry with them being used extensively for drill bits, chisels, picks, reamers, and many more. Other industries that use tungsten carbide also include sports, aerospace, jewelry, and even for surgical tools in medicine.

Low-cost and High-Quality Solid Cutting Tools – Kent Solid Cutting Tools

As you can clearly see, carbide tools have a wide range of application and integrating them into your manufacturing business will not only improve productivity but also boost the long-term cost-efficiency of your factories. Kent Solid Cutting Tools understands the needs of your manufacturing business and that is why we recommend you to opt for carbide tools because of how easily replaceable they are while remaining relatively cheaper than replacing the entire machine or equipment itself.

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