Reaming is a process wherein you enlarge a small hole using various tools including hand tools or machine tools. Reamers or reaming tool is a type of rotary cutting tool that features a central with multiple cutting edges that are parallel to it. These tools are further classified into precision and non-precision reamers, the former for enlarging smaller holes with a high degree of accuracy in order to leave smoother sides and finishes. Meanwhile non-precision reamers are used for regular enlargement of holes and for removing burrs.

Your factory or manufacturing business can get the best precision reaming tools for your products to have smooth and accurate enlargement of holes by just opting for Hampshire carbide reamers to help you not only in this machining process but others as well.

Machining with Speed and Accuracy – Hampshire Carbide Reamers

Hampshire carbide reamers utilize carbide which is a very sturdy material which is heat resistant thus enabling your factories to churn out more products with great efficiency. It is also easily replaceable and relatively low-cost which provides even more savings for your manufacturing business without cutting corners in the quality of your products.

Reaming vs. Drilling – Hampshire Carbide Reamers

Some people might say that reamers are unnecessary because you can just use drills or drill bits to drill the holes to the desired size. This is simply not the case since drilling using a twisted drill for example, will not give an accurate or close enough hole or cylinder that you would like to have. Not to mention that drilling also does not give a smooth surface finish that is required for certain products to have for their intended usage. This is all remedied by using Hampshire carbide reamers which are not only more durable but also give you the accuracy and smooth finish that your products need to compete with other similar products.

Various Types of Reamers – Hampshire Carbide Reamers

Of course aside from the main categories and types of reamers mentioned above, there are various types of reamers that do specific tasks and have certain advantages. Here in Hampshire carbide reamers we offer straight reamers, machine reamers, tapered reamers, Morse taper reamers, and many more for your manufacturing business’ needs.

If you want to know more, just visit us at Hampshire Carbide Reamers and you can even get a free tooling assessment so that you can get an idea how you can get your manufacturing business properly equipped with not just our reamers but also other cutting and machining tools.

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