In the manufacturing business, efficiency and productivity is top priority and if any factory fails to achieve them, it would certainly mean disaster for the business. That’s why Hampshire Carbide Milling doesn’t only offer you regular equipment for your factories, but also the most cost-efficient and high-quality equipment that includes, cutting tools, drill bits, inserts, and many more.

Amazing Facts About Carbide Milling – Hampshire Carbide Milling

So what sets carbide milling apart from regular steel tools? Simple really, it is the physical properties of tungsten carbide or commonly referred to as simply carbide in the manufacturing industry. Tungsten carbide has a high melting point at approximately 2870°C making it very suitable for machining equipment and tools like a circular saw, drills, etc.

Not to mention tungsten carbide is three times stronger than regular steel which not only helps any manufacturing business save time in processing raw materials but also save them money since it can handle a lot more wear and tear from constant usage thus less spending money on replacing parts and tools.

Just how good are carbide milling you might ask? Well, carbide tungsten alone is being used in various fields such as ammunition for the military, jewelry which include almost indestructible wedding rings, drill bits for mining machines, trekking and ski pole tips for hikers and skiers respectively, surgical instruments such as forceps and scissors, ballpoint pens, and they were even used during the experiments on nuclear fission back in 1945.

Providing You With The Best – Hampshire Carbide Milling

That’s why Hampshire Carbide Milling understands the needs of any manufacturing business when it comes to not only efficient but also reliable carbide milling and equipment for their factories. We have been supplying various industries such as racing, automotive, and even in aerospace which proves our capabilities in any industry that requires carbide milling.

Here at Hampshire Carbide Milling we know just how awesome and useful carbide milling are and that’s why if you want to know more, come check us out!

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