Cutting tools are probably one of the most commonly used tools in any kind of manufacturing or production process. This is why a lot of companies and businesses go to us here at Surrey industrial tool specialist to get the highest quality cutting tools there are including carbide cutting tools.

Carbide cutting tools are used by major manufacturers around the world to produce a wide variety of other tools and metal products. Here in Surrey industrial tool specialist, we know just how effective carbide cutting tools are as they provide the fastest and most efficient way for machining lathes and other equipment.

As any manufacturer would know, to mass produce any sort of product, they require only the most precise and best quality manufacturing equipment and tools such as molds, casting, fasteners, and of course cutting tools. Because of the special properties of carbide, it can easily cut and shape hard materials including other metals such as steel and iron to create your products with efficiency.

One great example of a carbide cutting tool we provide here in Surrey industrial tool specialist is our circular saw. The tip of these blades are usually made up of carbide for increased durability and cutting power which in turn saves you time and money in the manufacturing process. The special properties of carbide include high resistance to heat, friction, chemicals, and increased strength and durability which makes it one of the best materials to be used for any manufacturing equipment.

Of course carbide is a bit expensive and this is why most cutting tools are not purely made of carbide itself but only certain parts such as carbide drill bits, grinding wheels, slot drills, and so on. Also, there are also other combinations of carbide cutting tools which include the addition of tungsten into the mix which has amazing physical and chemical properties making it great for inserts and tool tips as well.

We here in Surrey industrial tool specialist know that being efficient in manufacturing is one of the key factors of any successful business. Our carbide cutting tools doesn’t only make the machining or manufacturing process a lot quicker and easier but also helps you save a lot of money because of how durable they are, thus saving you more money in the future because you don’t have to replace them as often as conventional cutting tools made out of steel or iron.

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