If you’re into the manufacturing business then you know that cutting machines are a necessity in the industry. Processing raw materials by means of cutting have gone a long way from the manual cutters, now manufacturers use advanced technologies such as plasma cutters to cut through materials such as steel, aluminum, copper, and brass. But if you’re in the paper manufacturing industry then it’s a whole new ballpark and your factories should probably be using die cutting machines. We’ll be discussing these two type of cutting machines today and how Oxfordshire Cutting Machines can help your manufacturing business grow.

Plasma Cutters – Oxfordshire Cutting Machine

Plasma cutters are machines that use hot plasma to cut electric conductive materials which are metals such as steel, brass, copper, and aluminum. Aside from fabrication, plasma cutters are also used by the automotive industry for repair and restoration, construction industry, and even for scrapping and salvaging operations. Plasma cutting machines are used on materials that are think and thick because of how quickly they can cut through them compared to regular cutting tools that are being used on the same raw materials.

Most factories that use this type of cutting equipment usually have it controlled using advance computers that are simply known as Computer Numeric Control (CNC) and they come with different configurations to suit the cutting job.

Plasma cutters are known to be on the expensive side but through recent technological breakthroughs, even hobbyists are now able to purchase them. So why not use them for your manufacturing business? Oxfordshire Cutting Machine not only offers plasma cutters but we also give you free tooling assessment for a more productive and efficient business.

Die Cutting Machines – Oxfordshire Cutting Machine

If you’re dealing with paper then you should have also have die cutting machines. Of course die cutting machines are also being used on other materials aside from paper such as cloth, rubber, foil, and wood. But these cutting equipments are most commonly seen and used in the paper industry because of the accuracy, consistency, and versatility that they offer.

You can make almost anything paper related with this type of paper cutting machines such as stickers, folders, fliers, various types of paper figures, business cards, and so much more. With the advent of new technologies, even hobbyists are able to purchase smaller versions of die cutting machines for personal and commercial use.

Paper manufacturing businesses that use die cutting machines are able to produce products that are high quality and always consistent which makes them indispensable in this industry. So if you want to know more about die cutting machines, just get a free tooling assessment by Oxfordshire Cutting Machine.

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