For many years, manufacturers have made use of end mills such as the ball nose end mill or simply the ball nose cutter which is a hemispherical end cutter which is ideal for contouring forms and shapes from the materials much like that of a slot drill. But thanks to innovations in technology, the East Sussex Emuge Taper-Form Cutter has made it possible for manufactures to get much better results than standard ball nose end mills being operated today.

What is East Sussex Emuge Taper-Form Cutter

Taper-form cutters just like the East Sussex Emuge Taper-Form Cutter are more efficient in 5-axis milling most notably when it involves semi-finishing and finishing on planar and ruled surfaces which are typical in mold making, die making, and aerospace sectors. These circle segment cutter tools are named after their extreme cutting edge radii which offer high-stepover passes which enable for maximum efficiency when handling materials.

The Benefits of East Sussex Emuge Taper-Form Cutter using CAM systems

CAM systems just like the HyperMILL ® and Mastercam ® support the East Sussex Emuge Taper-Form Cutter which allows you to have better control over the machine and give stepdown distances as much as 20 times greater than ordinary ball nose cutters out there these days. This significantly minimizes time spent on milling the materials thus improving productivity and efficiency of your machines. By using these advanced CAM systems, you are able to almost automatically compute the angles and approach you want the tools such as the East Sussex Emuge Taper-Form Cutter and various other circle segment cutters quite easily.

Resilient Durability with East Sussex Emuge Taper-Form Cutter

In addition, every one of our circle segment cutters are made out of carbide which is very sturdy and heat resistant material as well as being coated with ALCR (Aluminum Chromium) multi-layer PVD for additional heat and wear resistance. This means that you’ll put in a lot less cost on replacing them thus minimizing your upkeep costs of your machines and possessing better overall efficiency.

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