Circle Segment Cutters have turned into innovative in the machining process and have provided lots of advantages to the manufacturing industry because of its amazing features. Due to these 5-axis machining tools, operators and CAM software have more versatility and control over them and giving greater range also through tools like the Berkshire Emuge Lens-Shape Cutter.

Berkshire Emuge Lens-Shape Cutter Qualities

The Berkshire Emuge Lens-Shape Cutter like the various other circle segment tools features large radii of up to 500mm but the tool themselves only have a shank diameter of 10-20mm. This means that there will be an increase in the machining area which not only decreases the time it takes to process the metrial but also enhances the tools’ life or endurance. Thus the prices of acquiring and utilizing circle segment tools like the Berkshire Emuge Lens-Shape Cutter are minor overall.

Because of the large radius of these tools, the step-over created by Berkshire Emuge Lens-Shape Cutter is larger as compared to standard tools such as the ball nose thus this increases the cycle times of the machine by as much as 90% as stated previously. A machining time of 39 minutes using a ball nose tool can be lowered to a massive 3 minutes working with Berkshire Emuge Lens-Shape Cutter

Less Time and Improved Finish – Berkshire Emuge Lens-Shape Cutter

Furthermore, with the help of the large step-over as well as the less time involved to process, you’ll have the ability to attain the same and even much better surface finishes on the processed materials in contrasted to the standard end mill tools. Not to mention that you’ll have the ability to make more sophisticated parts or products from materials a lot easier using these tools.
The fantastic aspect of tools such as Berkshire Emuge Lens-Shape Cutter is that they’re compatible and supported by CAM software such as the HyperMILL ® and Mastercam ® which offers you accurate control and efficiency when processing the materials into final parts or products.

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